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ENFJs lead with Extraverted Feeling (Fe), which means they gain extra energy from the feelings of other  people and are inclined to notice, manage and absorb the emotions and values of those around them. They  are social creatures who get energized by interaction and can ignore their own logic and feelings for the  sake of group harmony or inter-group diplomacy, as well as guiding others to desired results.  

Their auxiliary function is Introverted Intuition (Ni), which inclines them to abstract and futuristic thinking  and allows them to envision the future, which they put in service of their helpfulness. ENFJs like to have  grand plans and ambitions both for their own lives and for whatever projects they are pursuing, and are  rarely content with the status quo or the conventional way of doing things.  

Their tertiary function is Extraverted Sensing (Se), which allows them to live in the moment and draws  them to action and concrete fun. This side of them usually develops in their teenage years and can make  them wish to forgo their visionary and productive side in favor of finding ways to enjoy themselves, but  these are often fleeting and they may find themselves thinking about work or big ideas when actually  engaging in such activities. 

Their inferior function is Introverted Thinking (Ti), which is their less-developed desire for logical  consistency. ENFJs often like to be learned and intellectual, and they also want their ideals and values to  be logically consistent; however, even the most intelligent ENFJs often subordinate their logic to group  harmony, their reputation or their tendency to please people. They may admire those who are good at logic  and benefit from their support as well. 

ENFJs are often seen as the advocates and leaders of their communities. They have a natural ability to  understand and work with people, often forming deep and meaningful connections. ENFJs are motivated  by their vision for what people could become and tirelessly work to empower others to reach their potential.  They are adept at recognizing the needs and feelings of others, making them highly effective at managing  group dynamics. 

Their communication style is expressive and persuasive, often making them skilled public speakers. ENFJs  are inclined to look for the best in people, focusing on positive qualities and potential. They are driven by  values and strive to implement ideals that benefit the broader community. 
ENFJs may sometimes overlook their own needs or suppress their personal thoughts. Their desire for a  cohesive group can lead them to overextend themselves and can come at the expense of addressing deeper  issues. 

ENFJs are at their best when they can balance their idealism with practical steps to implement change. They  thrive in roles that allow them to guide and nurture, whether it be in education, counseling, or leadership.  Their genuine care for others' well-being and growth is the cornerstone of their personality, making them  beloved figures wherever they go. 

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