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“I have been interested in depth typology, Jung, and cognitive functions for a very long time and I was interested in Joyce’s typing service after watching several of her videos on YT. Joyce allows a lot of scope for self-directed analysis in her sessions, she is a thoughtful listener, and provides a precise synthesis; she works carefully to ascertain the presentation of functions.  Unlike other typing sessions which can test functions in a very superficial or even gimmicky way (like an exam or exercises), Joyce instead looks deeply into functional attitudes/axis, cognition, and the potential real-world manifestations. I felt very relaxed with her and more myself than in other services I have used which I think speaks to the level of her competence as a practitioner. I would highly recommend her service.”


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“I have been working with Joyce Meng since the end of 2020 for typing services and continued coaching sessions. Joyce has always been professional, patient, understanding, and insightful in our sessions together. I feel safe with Joyce and have never felt judged. Despite having received therapy services through my work sporadically for over a year, I have made more progress with the assistance of Joyce’s guiding hand. I can say for certain that my mental health today is more resilient to my life’s re-occurring mental pitfalls, and I cannot thank Joyce enough for her help.

Typing Services

A year before I booked a typing session with Joyce, I took a deeper dive into the cognitive functions and waited until I had completed school to ensure that I was educated on the results and that I was presenting an authentic and healthy version of myself. I would still consider myself a MBTI novice.
Before scheduling the interview portion of the typing session, I completed a questionnaire, which is a great exercise for self-reflection.

After receiving my type from Joyce, neither her partner nor she forced their type-assessment on me, rather just the opposite. Joyce continued to help me solidify my type by answering questions, a follow-up session, which included 2 clarifying tests to solidify my preference for 2 cognitive functions, and provided additional MBTI-related reading materials.

Coaching Services

I enjoyed my type journey with Joyce and asked if she would take me on as a client for coaching sessions. The sessions varied but focused either on work from previous sessions or my current needs at that particular moment in time. Joyce has always been open and adaptable to the challenges I presented to her. My goals for coaching drove the initial sessions, but over time, the more important areas in need of work were exposed. Joyce challenged me to go deeper in my self-reflection directed by a purpose, which revealed unhealthy thinking patterns. With help from Joyce, I have worked on increasing my self-awareness of my metacognition and am very satisfied with the progress I have made toward my goals.”


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“I got into type slowly, and then all at once, but even as I understood more and more about the theory, I just couldn't put my finger on my own type. I thought it was one thing, then another. I found Joyce's YouTube channel and saw how little BS there was, how she really put in the effort to showcase real, live individuals of all kinds, and I decided to get a typing and a few initial coaching sessions from Joyce. I was actually surprised by her typing of me! But then I came around. I actually bought many more coaching sessions after that. What Joyce gave me I think might have taken me years longer to understand, if ever. She understands type, and she understood me. Her knowledge is so applicable to daily life and interactions, and it's really not fair how wise she is. I'm so so grateful to her!”


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“I got introduced to MBTI by my cousin a couple of years ago through an online test, which identified me as INFP! Since I was new, I believed it was true until it started not to make sense. From there on I learned about cognitive functions, learned about how they work together, how they loop, and more! The more I learned, the more I got confused and kept thinking about what actually is my type! That's when I decided to seek help from Joyce after discovering her channel on YouTube. Joyce and Anne were amazing at digging deep into my mind and understanding what was my internal wiring. It was very conversational & it didn't feel like I was being typed! It was a bit of a surprise for me when they revealed my type. They explained in detail why they think this is my type and pointed out points in earlier conversation as a reference. I can confidently say this is my type & use it to make myself a better person.”


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"I definitely got my money's worth. Before my session, I had a pretty good idea of which types I could be. After my session, I know what my type is. This is because of the insightful questions that were presented in the written test and in the session. Every area of doubt in regards to my type was questioned. Additionally, it was helpful to hear questions from two different professionals. Joyce and Denzel were able to present two unique perspectives, which increased the certainty of my type. Meanwhile, Joyce's communication was prompt and specific, which made this process hassle-free. Finally, the information I was given after the session was helpful in confirming my type."


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"Joyce runs a Youtube channel where she frequently displays her intelligence and deep respect for types. As someone who was returning back to type as an aid to bouncing back after a personal tragedy, I was very impressed with her integrity and understanding in those videos. I booked typing + coaching sessions, and had a great experience. She brought the same integrity and insight into the sessions, nailed my type evaluation, and was able to dive into the expression and cognitive science around it. Very informative, I'm thankful that I booked the session"


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"I have a decent understanding of MBTI, but I felt I needed another perspective on my possible MBTI type. I am stuck between two types, and I expressed this to Joyce beforehand. The session environment felt very welcoming, provided me with a mutual sense of understanding, and was nonjudgmental. Joyce was joined by Denzel M, and they both asked deep, personal, and creative questions to better understand how I think, and why I do what I do. After my session, I still find myself reflecting on their insights, perspectives and how it translates into my best fit type."


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“I’ve been interested in typology for over six years, but could never pin down my MBTI type due to a lot of misinformation out there. However, my interest was once again sparked when I found Joyce’s YT channel and typing services. I found her approach to be more precise and informative, and one that doesn’t rely on MBTI stereotypes that do often mistype people. 

When talking to Joyce I felt very safe and seen for who I am, something that I’ve struggled with when being typed in the past. I originally struggled to see myself as an extrovert, but that confusion was quickly cleared up after Joyce’s questionnaire and video typing session. 

If you’re looking for a judgement free zone, some relaxed and friendly banter, and a wealth of knowledge and expertise to set your mind at ease, then I definitely recommend getting typed with Joyce”.


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"I coached with Joyce for about a year, during a period with some major life transitions, and I think what helped me the most was the safe and warm space she created, her ability to listen, and her patience. She was also extremely accessible and caring! I initially came to her for a typing session, and we continued to discuss type frequently as we worked together (I had a lot of questions! Especially since my life changes made things feel harder for me to assess alone. And I appreciate that she pursues ongoing training and understanding of type theory and then shares it with the rest of us!). In addition to being a space where I could just sort through what was going on in my life, we also worked on a few specific issues - some to do with steps to take in my business, some very personal (again - the safe space and Joyce’s ability to turn something difficult into something lighthearted and even fun, when appropriate, was unique to working with her and helped so much!), and some to help with resolving conflict and communicating more successfully with my family. Typology also helped there - and one of my favorite new perspectives that Joyce introduced me to is Linda Berens' research on Interaction Styles. It was important to me to find a knowledgeable coach who could help me incorporate the wisdom that can be gained from typology, both to better understand myself and how I work, and to improve my relationships with others - and to find one whom I felt comfortable with. If you’re looking for a compassionate, knowledgeable, and caring person to help you, I’d highly recommend Joyce!"


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"Right after getting typed by Joyce, I had no more doubts about myself. For a long time, I mistyped myself with the online MBTI tests and thought I was introverted amongst other misconceptions. With the help of Joyce and another brilliant practitioner Diane, we nailed down that I was an ENTJ. I quickly saw an increase in efficiency with my tasks, confidence in myself and ended up happy everyday from the guidance Joyce provided. We also had further sessions on how to best date and apply MBTI as a very powerful framework that not only saves you time in dealing with people but learning to accept the beauty in others! I highly recommend Joyce's services - you can't go wrong :)"


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"Joyce is really lovely to speak to, professional, punctual and polite. Her service is very straight-forward, easy to access and understand, even if you're a scatterbrained technophobe like I am! I felt very at ease talking to Joyce and her reasoning behind her type for me was clear and consistent. I would absolutely recommend her to a friend. 5 stars!"


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"Joyce is one of the most knowledgeable and thoughtful practitioners of typology, and also very friendly and genuinely interested in helping people on their self-discovery journey. Joyce listens carefully, asks thoughtful questions and shares in-depth function knowledge, all extremely helpful in the process of narrowing down your type. After our session I feel much more clarity about my personality type than ever before. Anyone interested in the self-knowledge and self-growth potential of personality type should absolutely book some time with Joyce!"


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"While I’ve researched MBTI for many years, I felt stuck when it came to my own type. I kept shifting between a handful of types, not quite sure where I fit. So, when I discovered Joyce’s TypeTalk videos and explored her typing and coaching services, I figured it was time to ask an expert. And I’m glad I did! Joyce and her colleague Denzel spent an hour with me, exploring my interests, opinions, habits, etc. It was a relaxed conversation, where I felt comfortable to open up and be myself.  Not only did they listen intently, but they also seemed to absorb the meaning and essence of what I was saying. Beyond the words I spoke, they also considered my demeanor, my way of speaking, my flow of thought - all details that an online test just cannot capture. Their feedback was insightful, like a mirror turned back on myself, reflecting details and patterns that I hadn’t noticed before. All in all, it was a valuable experience!"


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"After several years of getting the same MBTI type on online tests, I realized I needed a more accurate, holistic approach. It was important for me to find the truth of my personality type without bias or false positive results. So, when I saw Joyce's method - written assessment and interview with herself and another expert, who would type me independently - I was interested. During the typing session, Joyce and her colleague had a thoughtful approach and were reading underneath "what" I was saying to "why". Not only does Joyce have official credentials, but she also has a deep understanding of personality theory. After getting typed, I spent several sessions with Joyce as the time and money I invested kept bringing in such healthy returns. She knows how to use personality models to provide practical insights that can change your life (and I don't say this tritely). Also, she is an affable, pleasant person who can make the most reserved person feel comfortable and willing to be transparent. So if you care about digging down into the truth of your personality and bettering yourself and your path, I give Joyce my highest recommendation."


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"I have been studying typology for years, hoping to find my true fit, but I always ended
up feeling more confused than before. The online tests I took never seemed to capture
the complexity of my personality, and asking friends and family for their opinions only
added to the confusion. That's when I decided to seek help from Joyce, and it turned out
to be a game-changer.
In just one hour, Joyce was able to provide me with clarity and insight that I had been
searching for all along. Her approach went far beyond the superficiality of typical tests,
asking penetrating questions that truly explored my cognitive processes.
What impressed me the most about Joyce's typing service was her ability to see beyond
stereotypes and preconceived notions. She didn't rely on narrow-minded ways of
defining types but instead took the time to understand my unique experiences and
individuality. Her objective opinion shed light on aspects of myself that I had never
considered before.
I came away from my session with Joyce feeling not only pleased but also empowered.
Finally, I had a clear understanding of my true type and a deeper awareness of myself. I
wholeheartedly recommend Joyce's typing service to anyone struggling with self-
awareness or those who have had complex life experiences. Her dedication to going
beyond the surface is truly commendable, and I am grateful for the invaluable guidance
she provided."


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“Joyce and Rena typed me; both were the perfect strangers to chat with! I felt they evaluated my responses without judgment, which meant I could be honest with them and myself. They arrived more or less at the same conclusion I did about my most likely type. The best aspect of the conversation was not necessarily Joyce and Rena telling me about me, but asking questions that enabled me to realise some aspects about myself that I've never really thought about before.”


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