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ENTJ Description At A Glance

ENTJs lead with Extraverted Thinking (Te), which makes them extraverted towards external logic and  inclined to absorb facts and data in service of being productive and efficient. They usually do not feel the  need to work things out by themselves what has already been worked out by other people. They may  sometimes ignore the underlying logic of what they are doing for the sake of results, and they have a strong  urge to organize and work and often have tremendous stamina. 

Their auxiliary function is Introverted Intuition (Ni), which inclines them to abstract and futuristic thinking  and allows them to envision the future, which they put in service of their productivity. ENTJs like to have  grand plans and ambitions both for their own lives and for whatever projects they are pursuing, and are  rarely content with the status quo or the conventional way of doing things.  

Their tertiary function is Extraverted Sensing (Se), which allows them to live in the moment and draws  them to action and concrete fun. This side of them usually develops in their teenage years and can make  them wish to forgo their visionary and productive side in favor of finding ways to enjoy themselves, but  these are often fleeting and they may find themselves thinking about work or big ideas when actually  engaging in such activities. 

Their inferior function is Introverted Feeling (Fi), which is their repressed emotional and value-driven side.  ENTJs rarely let emotions get in the way of their productivity or their vision, but part of them still desires  deeper emotional connections and they typically have a small amount of personal values and relationships  that they value deeply and maintain throughout their lives. They can appreciate the company of those who  are more in touch with their feelings and can help the ENTJ do the same with theirs as well. 

ENTJs are dynamic, assertive leaders who are adept at recognizing systems and structures. With a strategic  mind, they excel at organizing projects, people, and operations to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.  They are not merely content with ideas; they are driven to implement them, making them excellent at  turning complex strategies into actionable plans. ENTJs thrive in environments where they can exercise  control and bring order to chaos through their strong leadership abilities. 

Their natural bold approach to challenges make them prominent in leadership roles. They are future oriented and can often predict trends and patterns, which helps in planning and resource management. Their decisions are based on logical analysis and objective criteria, and they are known for their clear  communication and decisive nature. 

ENTJs value competence and often seek to expand their knowledge and expertise. They are continually  looking for ways to improve systems and may become impatient with inefficiency or ambiguity. With their  innate ability to see the big picture, ENTJs can devise comprehensive strategies that propel their teams and  organizations forward. 

However, their focus on efficiency and results can sometimes lead to a neglect of the emotional aspects of  leadership. They may need to be reminded to consider the personal and human side of their decisions. But  with their adaptability and intelligence, ENTJs often learn to balance their natural tendencies with the needs  of their team, creating an environment where both goals and people are valued. 


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