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ESFJ At A Glance

ESFJs lead with Extraverted Feeling (Fe), which means they gain extra energy from the feelings of other  people and are inclined to notice, manage and absorb the emotions and values of those around them. They are social creatures who get energized by interaction and can ignore their own logic and feelings for the  sake of group harmony or inter-group diplomacy, as well as guiding others to desired results.  

Their auxiliary function is Introverted Sensing (Si), which is awareness of their own health and well being  and what is comfortable and natural to the ESFJ, and compels them to establish comfortable routines and  usually to be good at noticing their own physical needs. It also inclines them to details and to prefer what  is customary and conventional (relative to their own background and experiences). They are willing to  change their ways, but they prefer to do so slowly and at a conservative pace. 

Their tertiary function is Extraverted Intuition (Ne), which allows them to brainstorm and explore new  ideas. When this side of them develops, it can make them more willing to think outside the box and be more  open to playful and unconventional ways of thinking and behavior, but this is usually in small doses and is  ultimately subservient to their normal and conventional way of doing things. It can also make some ESFJs  speak at a faster pace and at length, and occasionally go off on tangents. 

Their inferior function is Introverted Thinking (Ti), which is their less-developed desire for logical  consistency. ESFJs often like to be learned and intellectual, and they also want their ideals and values to be  logically consistent; however, even the most intelligent ENFJs often subordinate their logic to group  harmony, their reputation or their tendency to please people. They may admire those who are good at logic  and benefit from their support as well. 

ESFJs are the hosts and caregivers, deeply invested in the comfort and happiness of those around them.  They are highly attuned to the emotional atmosphere of any situation and excel in creating environments  where people feel valued and cared for. ESFJs tend to be practical and down-to-earth, often focusing on  tangible ways to help and support others. 

They value tradition and often serve as the custodians of community values, ensuring that the social fabric  remains intact. ESFJs are meticulous in their attention to detail, especially in matters concerning their loved  ones or responsibilities. They are generous with their time and energy, often going out of their way to meet  the needs of others. 

As natural organizers, ESFJs are often at the center of social events and gatherings, ensuring that everything  runs smoothly. They have a strong sense of duty and take their commitments seriously, often taking on  more than their fair share of the work to ensure that everyone is happy. 
While ESFJs are generally sociable and outgoing, they can also be sensitive to criticism and highly  concerned with public opinion. Their desire to be liked and to maintain harmony can sometimes lead to  them prioritizing others' needs over their own.

In their best light, ESFJs are the glue that holds a community together, fostering unity and ensuring that  everyone is taken care of. Their contributions are often the heart of a thriving and supportive community. 

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