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INFJ At A Glance

INFJs lead with Introverted Intuition (Ni), which makes them inclined to abstract the future. They are prone  to symbolic, metaphorical and philosophical thinking, or anything that will point them to timeless truths  that can help them mentally transcend time to predict forthcoming events. INFJs often try to map out their  whole life from an early age and can also have hunches about how events or interactions will likely play  out that are not readily evident to anybody else, and may struggle to articulate complex ideas that make  perfect sense in their own mind. 

Their auxiliary function is Extraverted Feeling (Fe), which means they gain extra energy from the feelings  of other people and are inclined to notice, manage and absorb the emotions and values of those around  them. They are socially aware creatures who can get energized by interaction and may ignore their own  logic and feelings for the sake of group harmony or inter-group diplomacy, as well as guiding others to  desired results.  

Their tertiary function is Introverted Thinking (Ti), which is their developing desire to be logical and  consistent. INFJs can enjoy solving puzzles, engaging in critical thinking, and pondering the deeper  meanings of life using logic and reasoning. They may find they find it easier to take emotions out of the  equation in their decision making as they mature, though will rarely be wholly comfortable with this. 

Their inferior function is Extraverted Sensing (Se) which is their hidden desire to live in the moment and  forget about the future. INFJs can be attracted to asserting themselves, to physical activities, or to bouts of  hedonism, without ever feeling completely natural or comfortable in such roles. They can enjoy the  company of more extraverted types in small doses who can serve as their guide or stimulate what they  struggle to maintain in themselves.  

INFJs are often seen as counselors and advocates, driven by a strong sense of idealism and integrity. They  are deeply empathetic and often feel compelled to help others, making them naturally drawn to careers in  healthcare, psychology, or education. INFJs are introspective and tend to be private, but they also have a  strong desire to create harmony and understanding in their environment. 

They are intuitive about people and rely on their instincts to navigate complex human relationships. INFJs  often have a vision of what they feel the world should be like, and they are motivated to take action to make  that vision a reality. They are articulate and can express their inner thoughts and ideals in a way that is  inspiring to others.

INFJs are typically well-organized and decisive in their actions, especially when they feel they are in service  of a greater good. They may struggle with routine tasks that do not align with their values but are passionate  and dedicated when working towards a cause they believe in. 

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