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INFP At A Glance

INFPs lead with Introverted Feeling (Fi), which concerns their own personal values and emotions. They  are either aware of their own emotions at almost all times, or they strongly value taking time to themselves  to process their emotions so they can understand what they are feeling, often through art, music, writing or  some other form of artistic expression. They view expressing themselves as a deeply personal endeavor and  are usually disinclined to share an emotion unless they are genuinely feeling it.  
Their auxiliary function is Extraverted Intuition (Ne), which means they are abstract thinkers who are good  at brainstorming, may have a tendency to go on tangents, and can see multiple abstract possibilities. They usually like to explore different ideas for their own sake, focusing on whatever they find interesting, and  they may have various projects or be reading different books at the same time and leave many unfinished,  although with sufficient maturity and interest some learn to be more productive and disciplined. 

Their tertiary function is Introverted Sensing (Si), which makes them more inclined to comfortable routines,  details and convention. While always subordinate to their tendency towards novelty, abstraction and  brainstorming, INTPs with age come to see the value in having part of their lifestyle revolve around  something familiar and concrete, that can be explored in more depth and that can make them feel more  grounded in the real world. 

Their inferior function is Extraverted Thinking (Te), which is their repressed desire to be factual and  productive. INFPs are often reluctant to expose their own feelings and values to logical criticism, but they  do like to believe that they nevertheless make logical sense, and in pursuit of this they can search out for  facts and evidence that support their emotional positions. They can also find value in structure, efficiency  and organization for its own sake and admire those who are good at such things. 

INFPs are often perceived as idealistic and deeply feeling individuals, with a rich inner life that is both  complex and creative. They navigate the world with a quiet passion, driven by a set of internal values that  guide their every decision. INFPs have a natural affinity for the arts, literature, and any discipline where  they can explore the depths of human experience and emotion. 

These individuals are known for their strong personal ethics, seeking meaning and authenticity in their  personal and professional lives. They are often drawn to roles that allow them to express their individuality  and make a difference, such as counseling, teaching, or advocacy. 

INFPs are reflective and thoughtful, often pondering the big questions of life. They cherish deep  connections with others and communicate in ways that are empathetic and understanding. While they may  appear reserved, they are deeply caring and committed to the well-being of others. 

Their creativity and intuition often lead them to unconventional paths, where they can explore new ideas  and possibilities. They thrive in environments that respect their need for independence and that allow them  the space to grow and explore.

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