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ISFPs At A Glance

ISFPs lead with Introverted Feeling (Fi), which concerns their own personal values and emotions. They are  either aware of their own emotions at almost all times, or they strongly value taking time to themselves to  process their emotions so they can understand what they are feeling, often through art, music, writing or  some other form of artistic expression. They view expressing themselves as a deeply personal endeavor and  are usually disinclined to share an emotion unless they are genuinely feeling it.  
Their auxiliary function is Extraverted Sensing (Se), which means they are concrete thinkers who are good  at tangible logic, naturally live in the moment, and enjoy learning and utilizing different physical skills.  They are practical people who are aware of their immediate environment and are comfortable in their own  bodies, usually enjoying physical activities or games that involve hand-eye coordination.  

Their tertiary function is Introverted Intuition (Ni), which is where they become more interested in abstract  concepts and imagining the future. They learn to trust their hunches and to take a longer-term view of  things, and they may become more interested in ideology or philosophy, but the ideas they adopt will  usually play a supporting role to their personal experiences. They tend to speak less but with deliberation,  contemplating their words and quickly getting to the point, without going off-topic or going into great depth  about their adopted theories. 

Their inferior function is Extraverted Thinking (Te), which is their repressed desire to be factual and  productive. ISFPs are often reluctant to expose their own feelings and values to logical criticism, but they  do like to believe that they nevertheless make logical sense, and in pursuit of this they can search out for  facts and evidence that support their emotional positions. They can also find value in structure, efficiency  and organization for its own sake and admire those who are good at such things. 

ISFPs are the artists of the personality types, often expressing themselves through action and creation. They  are sensitive and mindful of the present moment, showing a deep appreciation for the beauty in the world  around them. ISFPs have a quiet warmth and tend to be sympathetic listeners, creating a sense of calm and  understanding in their interactions. 

Practical and down-to-earth, ISFPs prefer to work in tangible ways, often excelling in fields that allow them  to craft or manipulate physical materials, such as fine arts, carpentry, or fashion. They value hands-on  experiences and often find joy in activities that engage their senses, such as cooking, gardening, or music.

ISFPs move through life with a flexible and spontaneous approach, often preferring to take things as they  come rather than sticking to a rigid plan. They are fiercely independent and resist control or domination,  guided by a deeply personal set of values. 

Despite their reserved exterior, ISFPs are deeply loyal and committed to their loved ones, often going out  of their way to ensure their happiness and comfort. They are most content when they can live in harmony  with their values and are able to express themselves through their passions. 

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